Thomas Ng, Wedding photographer Hong Kong Top 10

Thomas Ng, Hong Kong Top 10 Wedding Photographer Wedding Photojournalist Shooting Style

"To me, what differentiates a great wedding photographer from a good one is one’s thought and vision – the ability to make an ordinary love story extraordinary.

Frankly, different weddings could be similar in many ways; however, wedding photos should not be, because they are not simply images that record the happenings of the day. As a wedding photographer, it is important to know the purpose of the shot and the story to tell behind each image, and indeed, to know how to achieve it nicely by giving it a distinctive mixture of spatial composition, angle and lighting.

Working in the wedding photography industry for many years, I never get tired of taking wedding pictures, using the unique approach of wedding photojournalism in particular. Personally, I think wedding photos are not something that should be excessively staged or manipulated. Rather, it should stay as real and natural as they could be to make them a timeless memory. I love to tell a story through observations of scenes that come spontaneously and beautifully.

Of course, there is no one way to tell a story. It is the process of seeking new approach that is unique to the couple’s character and story always struck me and make me fall in love in wedding photography all over again."

Thomas Ng