Baby and Family

Baby and Family

Baby and Family picturing is a kind of our story telling extend from your wedding content.
Those story are interesting. Everyone is different, and unpredictable.
We can also find many connection between parent and them.
Inside our picture, you can see different age period.

New born, baby just say hi to the world.
3 mths, 100 days celebration party. All family and friends come to join the party.
6 mths, baby trying to turn. Parents excite to every single moment.
9 mths, they start to explore the world. They interest in everything and start follow a simple command.
One-year-old celebration. For their birthday, for their first step......

Look at the story below to see what is happening in side our picture.

Winnie Family Photo

It is a challenge shooting for me. One shooting dealing with five little kids....
3rd Aug 15

Baby shooting sharing at Telford

An interesting afternoon for sharing my baby shooting idea. Thank you Ming Sir invitation...
3rd Aug 15

Our Japanese families

 Aoi’s Family  Saya’s family Mio and Haruto family
20th Mar 15

Baby Hong Li Photo

Today our actress call Hong Li, We may call her Holiday because she is...
19th Aug 14

Baby Beatrice Photo

Nam Sang Wai, is the location we choose Baby Beatrice, baby we feature in...
22nd Jul 14

Baby Maya Photo

This is really an nice day for us with baby Maya. That day was...
28th Mar 12

Baby Jing Photo

This story is talking about 2 hours journey for baby Jing. You can also...
14th Oct 11

Baby Garin Photo

Garin like ball, instant of dropping in the basket, he like tasting it. Don’t...
22nd Aug 11