Baby Beatrice Photo

Nam Sang Wai, is the location we choose
Baby Beatrice, baby we feature in this time

Baby Beatrice, is a new member of family Bertha and Herman, our couple in 2011

In fact Nam Sung Wai is a good place for us to take some shoot with warm tune and nice sun set photo. I usually pick up the time slot 3-6
Weather is another key. We want the sunshine, but those baby may get wet or feel uncomfortable. In an outdoor environment,  we always try 2 hours session.
 Location, time slot, character, the coming is some highlight object. It can light up the photos and make you more story issue.
Bear bear, riding horse and scooter is our key object this time. Even the same toys, it can make different reaction compare with home.
Don’t forget to bring a bottle for them, water is very essential under the daylight
A small hints, the kids usually not feel good with the glass. It will make them angry.^^!
Make them cool down after an hour shooting. Even they don’t like that.
 Give some task to them when you have no idea on what coming next.
I told baby Beatrice bring her mother a bear from very long way. She must try her best on finishing it.
Bubble gun is another toy you should prepare. But better bring with you more bubble water….
Baby love bubbles. so please try!!
Family watches. White for mum, black for dad and of course yellow is Beatrice.
Hold tightly when you do that
Or that…
You must got somethings after such wonderful time with your kids.
and remember……bring the anti-mosquito with you in outdoor. It is horrible when you forget.

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