Baby Garin Photo

Garin like ball, instant of dropping in the basket, he like tasting it.

Don’t know why Garin always shows his interest to my assistance…

Moving object can always draw their attention.

He is claiming out and looking for my assistance again…

This picture may contain a hidden meaning when i show it alone ^^!

I am not sure he is interesting on his own or father behind. But anyway it is a good shot.

In the whole set of photo, i like this very much. Not a perfect composition, but the feeling is done very well.

I make use of this photo as the DVD box cover. I have read a photo before in similar layout in national geographic magazine. But that one is penguin instead of human.

Garin like this friend very much. May be Mr. Lion have a long hair.

Actually you will not know what is happening in this moment. May be you can find some hints in the details…

After about 1.5 hr, it is a time to recharge.

He is wondering what we are talking about outside this room^^

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