Baby Hong Li Photo

Today our actress call Hong Li, We may call her Holiday because she is also born in the public holiday

The first shooting slot we do it in the living room. There is sufficient space for moving around her bed

They call this naughty face!!

Hong Li only stay on her new toys in few minutes…

Sometimes we need to keep in the same level for better layout
Usually they will interest in our gear, like reflector, more than those toys
Forget to tell you she still learning how to grab theĀ little things
In this case, she will not moving left and right…
Lastly she also want to escape…
Another game we share is playing with the ball
She like that very much
Somethings we thought usual may be useful for the kids
We then move to the outdoor, playing with the sunlight and bubble

Water is one of the shooting theme this time…
Absolutely it is a new toy for hongli
But remember, don’t turn around..
Dad will teach her how to play with that
Of course her sleeping bed is our last spot
We need to tell others she is a girl ^^

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