Baby Jing Photo

This story is talking about 2 hours journey for baby Jing.
You can also click here for another journey for her parent one year before.
and this time is somethings about Jing, daughter of Sharon and David
This is a lunch time of baby Jing, Sharon and David at central
Baby Jing always shows her curiosity to everything.
It may be a good lunch for Jing, but not this time for David
By using her curiosity, husband and wife can back to their moment again…
This is an exercise time for Jing after the quick lunch.
…not only Jing, but also mum and dad.
David ask “When is my turn…?”
Do you think which is more heavy ? Jing or box of can ?
This is the answer.
Shooting around the street is difficult, we need to do a framing and find some story inside in the same time.
This is a lovely moment.
I have tried to include the response of pedestrian, but it is too crowd for me to do that.
Shopping is always a hobby of Mum.
and also our baby Jing.
A happy family in the central
Baby Jing is 8 months old and she still need a sleep time through the day.
Its the time for David and Sharon go back to their own life.
Jing learn how to walk
and David learn how to protect
It must be a memorable segment on growth of Jing.
and i am happy can be your first photographer in your life !!
Wish you have a wonderful life and also your family!!

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