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03 Aug 2015

Peko and Rex

03 Aug 2015

Winkie and Edwin [Guam]

17 Jul 2015

Winky and Vincent

25 Jun 2015
27 Jan 2015

Christina and Michael


17 Apr 2014

Ellen and Leo

Remember to save your seat at our coming workshop 25 May (Sun), you can absolutely get somethings which is helpful to your wedding day planning and presentation for yourself.   Don’t miss this chance. Details can be found in my previous post.Our wedding shooting is still keeping on. Ellen and Leo, you can not imagine a pair of school teacher can present themselves so good under the camera. Click here for the picture

16 Jan 2014

Maggie and Steven

In the section of Maggie and Steven shooting, we picked up different scene element including airport and the surrounding, school, dining room and kitchen. An interesting combination for e-section so you can take a reference. Click here for the details

12 Dec 2013

Janice and Will [Kyoto]

25 Sep 2013

Shannon and Ray

There is a question in last media interview, what do you think about the prewedding signature of four season in HK ?  Spring : complex of greenish texture in country side Summer : The blue sky you never find in other month Autumn : Its a moody season with nice temperature Winter : Your dressing style can be more complicated since you will not get wet in the day time.   Click here for more photos

09 Sep 2013

Cheryl and Wilson

Congratulation to Cheryl and Wilson. It should be a memorable day for your family. Stone have showed me your photos, it is absolutely a lovely day. Enjoy your photos and best wish for your family Click here for photos