Category : Engagement shooting

21 Jan 2011

Joanne and MK

Lot of my pre-wedding is located at the coming March, but not this time. In Dec, we spend a 2 days at Macau for a pre-wedding shooting with a group of my funny crew members. In such a peak season, such a short trip can really make us relax ^^ Click here for more photos 

02 Nov 2010

Yolanda and Victor

This is my first time to have my e-session in ruin. But the outcome seems very interesting!! Thanks Yolanda and Victor for their endurance ^^. Hope you will enjoy the photos. Click here for the photos 

06 Oct 2010

Eliza and Chapman

It is a good start of our peak season. Total 6 crew members join me in this shooting. It also a funny gethering and warm up for all of them. The spot including Mount Beacon, The Peak and Heritage 1881 and the restaurant. Click here for the photos

21 Jun 2010

Jackie and Bruce

Unpredictable weather always a problem in summer time.  Jackie and Bruce engagement photo is taken in a rainly day. But new idea can come out from a constarin situation. Click here for the photos

18 Jun 2010

Yihong and Derek

This  e-session is also  finsihed in a rainly day. How trouble in the summer time. Luckily we arrange the second session in studio. It is not usual you can find my e-session in studio. I like the one Yihong in wedding gown under a top light. What do you think? Click here for the details

07 Aug 2009

My trip to San Francisco

Already six months after visited S.F. Today spending a afternoon to tidy up the pics. I have applied a little bit more dramatic retouch this time. Click here for more details

30 Jun 2009

My trip to NYC

Spending 4 days in new york city,  starting from its avenue and street, follow by church and meseum, together with the school and central park, all the locations and ppl made me done a great job. Click here for more details