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06 May 2014

Seasonal Promotion 2014Q2

I remember it is the first time launch campaign with Freddy since we partner in 2008. We love to work with each other because we do have the similar sense of moment and love. But never we will launch the bundle offer except this one. The offering time is limited and you can save 30% more than usual. Don’t miss the chance and let us visualize your loving moment. Click here for more details

27 Jan 2010

More photos are coming !

I am back ! Already a month before last post… In these few weeks, my friends and even my clients can not reach me on phone. I am sorry for that, since i really don’t want to be distracted during my shooting. It is my most busy month before the lunnar new year. Wedding day shooting, prints preparation for WPPI final round, client meeting, studio shooting, keep learning, together with some commercial works, really make me exhaust. Really want to show you all my […]

30 Jun 2009

WPHK dinner

It is nice, so many photographers come together.  The first WPHK dinner. You can see all is wedding photographer in HK ^V^

15 May 2009

Experience wedding with Lecia M serious

LFI is one of my favour magazine. What it talking about is anythings relate to Lecia, its products, the lecia photographers, their works and their life. Yesterday, i found an article which is talking about some British photographers who are using Lecia serious to perform a photojournalistic wedding. They give a sharing on how they encounter the wedding by not using some very fast and reliable system such as Canon and Nikon, but choosing a system, need to manual focus and […]

23 Apr 2009

2009 rate price

In order to create more greatt works, in the coming 3 quarter i will pay more attention on how to make a better journalistic works. On the other hand, i will launch a new prewedding section. Play more hard on creating a moment by lot of fine art elements. By using different retouch tools and printing material, brings a fresh idea to my couples.

03 Mar 2009

The mind’s eye writing on photography and photographers

In last month, i have visited Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. The book shop over there is really great! It is an advanced version of Page One in HK. I stay for a long time and bought two reference books. Today i am introducing is one fo them call ” The mind’s eye writing on photography and photographers ” by Henri Cartier-bresson. I always told the others that if you want to make some changes, you need to start from […]

02 Feb 2009

2009 WPPI in Las Vegas

I believe that explore more on different culture and style shooting can give me lot of new sparking and inspiration for contniuous growth. So every year, i will choose different seminar and workshop to attend. In 2009, the first stop will be Las Vegas, 2009 WPPI Trade show. It is a annual trade show conduct by WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). There will be lot of sharing by top photographers in the world, and many seminar and workshop specific in differnt […]

21 Oct 2008

My trip to Venice

In this small island, 30 somethings of us, in this week, under the inspiration of Yervant and Anie, not only can get the prastical skill on enhancing our shooting, but through the background of each others, we can know more  point of view on wedding from differnt photographers in different area of the world.                                                                                                             Click Here for more detailed

11 Sep 2008

Wedding photojournalist and artistic

I have done an editorial on “All about wedding” Sep 08 and feel it is quite meaningful. Just share with all of you guys.   Click here for more detail

03 Apr 2008

Out of town on 5-10 Oct

Spending so many days on a trip in such peak season is difficult. In these days, i will attend an intensive, international  wedding shooting training and exchange programme in Venice. It is a good opportunity for refreshing. Together with an open mind, it’s able to go for another stage of presentation.