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03 Aug 2015

Winkie and Edwin [Guam]

12 Dec 2013

Janice and Will [Kyoto]

21 Jan 2013
29 Dec 2012

Sakura Engagement shooting tour

Date : Starting from 9 April Locations : Kyoto, Japan Photographer : Thomas Ng Make up artist : Polly Leung Charge : HK$ 35000.00/day (Including crew’s flight ticket and accommodation cost) For more details, please call 28388343

03 Oct 2012
31 Jul 2012

Coming oversea shooting

There is two more oversea shooting trip will launch in 2012, the first one is U.K. Shooting trip. For those join us before 31st Aug, there is an extra 20% discount on the package price.

30 Jul 2012
23 May 2012

Tobey and Freddy

What we are doing now? Tomorrow is our company big day. My partner, a talent video guy, will get marriage with his love, Tobey. We are now preparing the stuff tomorrow, weather forecast is good, it must a funny day for us and heir friends. Click here for the photos

26 Apr 2012

Oversea Pre-wedding Shooting at Venice

Shooting trip is confirmed and there are 3 more vacancy from 3-5 July.Give us a call at 28388343 for any details info.

30 Oct 2011