D&AD Awards 2009

A meaningful non-wedding project
On last summer, Eric Chan, one of the outstanding designer in HK, invited me to join this project. Organized by Polytrade Paper orporation Limited (Polytrade), designed by Eric Chan Design Co. Ltd. and photo by Thomas Ng, we have undergone more than one season for making this 2009 diary. Â
In the very beginning, it really a challenging project. The overall project title with “i love HK”, and over 80 potential sujects need to finish within 3 months. Toegther with the trial and error case, it seems difficult to achieve the target.
The result comes together with plenty of frustrate, and also growth. Everytime, i will have a review with ERIC, but not always end with a satisfying result. Dark space can not be over used is one important point i learned at that period of time. An improvement in framing was happened also.
You can see the semi product after putting design element in to the photos by Eric. Every cover is full of meaningful story. At this stage, we have change the topic also.
From “I Lover HK” to “Cover HK” ! Cover, it really meaningful.Â
Here the final product. A diary presented by Polytrade, in showing their different paper texture also inside a single item.
It is how we use the pic we have taken before.
Why i said it is meaning? Every party is contributing their talent to figure out the product. It si the first time i work so close to the other talents. Also what we done is not customer orientated. But trying to show somethings what we want to deliver to our reader. Without any boundary.  Â
Another meaningful, it is the first award i get outside wedding section. Eric sent the product to D&AD Awards 2009 and got a “in book” result.  I figure out D&AD is an educational charity that represents the global creative, design and advertising communities. D&AD Awards, according to its web “the biggest and the best, rewarding outstanding creativity, mould-breaking thinking and the highest standard of design and innovation”
Thx for Eric and Polytrade, enabling me can participate in this project. It really a amazing learning processes!

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