My trip to Venice


This is the first time i travel alone. From HK to Venice, need to spend 12 hours for the first fight and 2 hours in the second. Jet lag really trouble to me. Even now, i still feel tired.
In this small island, 30 somethings of us, in this week, under the inspiration of Yervant and Anie, not only can get the prastical skill on enhancing our shooting, but through the background of each others, we can know more  point of view on wedding from differnt photographers in different area of the world.
This is what we need if we are planning to go next step.
Venice is a small island. All its transportation is mainly by boat. They call Vaporetto, as one of the public transportation. Other than that, all you can do is by walk…
It is quite a burden for me to take a  21kg luggage and searching my hotel in my first venice day. 
Tips : remember to buy a 72 hours ticket or one week ticket if you always take Vaporetto. Otherwise, Euro 6.5 will charge for each way. 
In this week, we have gone through a  workshop, which conducted by Yervant and Anie. It included both practical and theorical sections on shooting and post production.  It really give us a great impact and inspiration. A wedding can be shot as a such fantistic way.

 Another most valuable thing is the sharing between photographers come from all over the world, America, British, Germany, Russia, Spain and also our neightbout countries Singapore. The most treasurable is we can do it under a non-boundary, open and harmonic environment.Different countires have their traditional and style of wedding. Also need to have their way to encounter the worst situation. Weather, temperature, geographic factor, all these factor are not only our problems.By using different ways to get a pretty wedding shooting, it is a point of learning.                     

Venice, such a romantic city , fully fill with the artistic elements. Its palaces, churches, museum, bridges, lanes and river. All of these place give you a great impression for doing shooting. You won’t want to miss anythings if you are here.
Another attractive scene is the islands. Don’t miss it. You can find another venice from these islands.
A very  great souvinor is the mask. There are lot of choices, handle with stick, cover half face, with feather and with swarovski. I have bought some, it is vert good for the pre-wedding feature. Let see in the coming shooting. But pay attention to those fake. it usually with dull colour and more easily to broken. It will be upsad if you find it is not a local handcraft but is made in china.  
   Everyone interest to ask me is there anythings you can gain in this trip. As a short, really graet inspiration for such studing environment. But there are no free lunch. You need to be open mind, getting growth with your neightbour.
Thank you Yervant and Anie, and all of my friends for such wonderful week.