Sharon’s Pregnant Photo

This serious of pregnant photo was done in the late Dec. Comparing with the pregnant photo before, it is a totally different tone and style. But i like that very much ^^
These serious of scene, as a husband or coming father, you might think about or imaginated before. In this afternoon Sharon and David made that happened, or in some case, magnified the DETAILS.

What are you doing when your honey is shopping around ?

Whatsapp, FB, iphone, blackberry or……

That may not only happen between husband and wife, but also your BF or GF.

I believe that David is same as me, never stop in trying some good stuff.

In what extend you will “PROTECT” your love. David show us in his way
…..case 1 chapter of public transport…..

…..case 2 chapter of zebra corssing…..Â

…..case 3 chapter of bicycle…..

…..and case 4 chapter of animals……

David told me that he is a cold man. Sharon is enjoying the sunshine but David is suffering the wind.
The pre-education is very popular nowadays. Parent will source different materials for their coming baby, or for themselves.
You want your baby will be a doctor, lawyer, professor or bueinessman ?
In one days, when we stop training ourselves, when we stop doing exercise, we will also get this result.
On that afternoon, Sharon’s parent also join our time. Its the secondary time for me to meet them after wedding of Kasin and Yat last few months.
In preparing for a new born baby, as a father, it really need to put extra power and energy.
We won’t miss them, Grand mum and Da !!!!!
What a happy family!!!! Thx Sharon and David give me such chance. We are quite happy in that afternoon!!!! Sharon and David play a lot of afford in this shooting. They had input a lot of idea on that, and i help them visualized what they imaginated.Â
Can any one help me to translate the following ending
“如有類同, 實屬巧合”Â

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  1. It’s entertainning. Ideas are fresh. Pictures are well taken. Waiting for some more to come. If there’s anything similar, it’s just coincidence.

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