The mind’s eye writing on photography and photographers

In last month, i have visited Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. The book shop over there is really great! It is an advanced version of Page One in HK. I stay for a long time and bought two reference books. Today i am introducing is one fo them call ” The mind’s eye writing on photography and photographers ” by Henri Cartier-bresson.

I always told the others that if you want to make some changes, you need to start from your mind set. How you are thinking towards somethings, e.g. wedding. Also the most valuable reference from the other photographers is their mind set, what they are thinking about, but not their pic.
Henri Cartier-bresson ‘s point of view on photographic story telling is wonderful. In the chapter of Picture Story, he mentions

“What actually is a photographic reportage, a picture story? Sometimes there is one unique picture whose composition possess such vigor and richness, and whose content so radiates outward from it, that tis single picture is a whole story in itself. But this rarely happens. The elements which, together, can strike sparks from a subject, are often scattered-either in terms of space or time- and bringing them together by force is “stage management.” and, I feel, contrived. But if it is possible to make picture of the “core” as well as the struck-off sparks of the subject, this is a picture-story. The page serves to reunite the complementary elements which are dispersed throughout several photographs…”

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